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Looking to sell your business – where to start


What’s the process of selling a company and what to expect

In our latest M&A Deconstructed series of videos, Nick Davies and Justin Levine discuss the process of selling a company and provide guidance on who to approach and what to expect. They explain that the first step is to educate yourself on the sales process, as most business owners have not sold a company before. Nick and Justin also emphasise the importance of understanding the size of the business, as this will determine the type of support needed. For smaller businesses with profits below £1 million, business brokers are typically the route to market. For larger businesses, M&A firms, corporate finance firms, and investment banks are more suitable options. The conversation also touches on the importance of valuation and how it is determined through a range of factors, including profit and market data. The process of selling a company can take around 12 months, with due diligence and negotiation being key stages. The discussion concludes by highlighting the value of having a team of skilled professionals including solicitors and M&A firm to guide the process and increase the chances of a successful sale.


Take a look at this in-depth discussion in the video.


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Justin Levine, Managing Director, The NonExec Limited M&A Boutique 
Justin leads a boutique exit advisory firm specialising in manufacturing, technology, IT, digital, healthcare, wholesale and distribution markets. With the support of a 20-strong virtual team of analysts and researchers, he helps private business owners with growth and exit strategies. Connect with Justin >

Nick Davies, Partner and Specialist M&A Solicitor, Steele Raymond LLP
Nick acts for a wide range of business clients across various sectors, advising on complex corporate transactions including company sales, purchases and mergers. Nick also advises on on mergers, de-mergers and re-organisation. Connect with Nick >

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