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Wills: Don’t leave it to chance or the chancellor!


In a recent Law Society poll it was found that 73% of 16 – 54 year olds do not have a will.

Last year many millions of pounds passed to the government from estates where no wills were left behind, and substantially more from estates that did not have any considered tax planning.

These results at first may seem surprising, as we are all keen to provide for our loved ones and to ensure that our hard earned money passes on to our chosen beneficiaries. It is however an easy thing to put off for another day and it seems that many of us do and often at a very high cost to our families.

  1. So who needs a Will?
  2. Anyone with a property
  3. Anyone with a share portfolio
  4. Anyone with a pension and/or a life policy – these assets can be considerable, but are easily forgotten
  5. Anyone who is married (your whole estate does not automatically pass to your spouse)
  6. Anyone who is divorced
  7. Anyone who has a partner but is not married or in a Civil Partnership – your assets will not pass to your partner unless you provide for them in your will
  8. Anyone with children – who will look after them if you both pass away? Who will look after their finances? When should they inherit?
  9. Anyone who wishes to reduce their inheritance tax bill
  10. How long will it take?

The process is surprisingly straightforward, starting with an initial meeting of around half an hour to discuss your instructions. Then a draft is sent out for you to read through and consider, then finally a meeting to go through and sign your will. It really is that simple. We do suggest you review your will every few years to see that it still meets your requirements, but this is much easier once you have your first will in place.

So make time to prepare your will – don’t leave things to chance or the chancellor!

If you require any further information on this, then please do not hesitate to contact Sue Adams, a Solicitor, Partner and Head of the Private Client team specialising in Wills, Lasting Powers of Attoney and Grants of Probate on 01202 204561 or alternatively at [email protected].

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