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Safeguarding Your Financial Future

No one enters a relationship thinking it will break down, but what if it does?

People are increasingly choosing to formally recognise their financial autonomy within a relationship and plan for asset protection and how their assets will be dealt with in the event of separation or divorce.

At Steele Raymond, we know how delicate it can be to broach the idea of a financial settlement prior to or during a marriage or even where marriage is not being contemplated.

That’s why our experienced family lawyers guide you through the process of asset protection with sensitivity and tact so you can get on with the next exciting chapter of your life.

Helping you with asset protection

As such, relationship agreements are becoming more commonplace for people planning on marriage, civil partnership or cohabitation. A cohabitation or living-together agreement provides for couples who are not married or intending on marrying or re-marrying to regulate the nature of their relationship and property interests as part of their agreement to commit to a relationship with joint or mingled financial interests.

Pre or post-nuptial agreements and pre or post civil partnership registration agreements allow couples to formulate an outcome prior to or during their marriage or civil partnership that reflects their agreed wishes and which enables them to retain some control over the way in which their finances will be handled in the event of a breakdown of the marriage or civil partnership.

Agreements are often used to reflect individual circumstances to safeguard existing and future wealth. For example, those who are marrying or re-marrying may consider asset protection by way of a pre-nuptial agreement to preserve pre-acquired wealth and to secure their children’s inheritance.

Although pre-nuptial agreements (and other relationship agreements) are not automatically binding they carry significant weight in the context of Court proceedings if there is a later divorce dissolution for example and where a pre-nuptial agreement was entered into and if key conditions in their preparation are satisfied which include, amongst others, both parties receiving legal advice and disclosing their financial circumstances.

Our experienced family lawyers can provide advice on:

For more information on how we can help you:

  • deal with a relationship breakdown where you are married or in a civil partnership, visit our Divorce and Dissolution page
  • understand the financial repercussions of a relationship breakdown, visit our Financial Settlement page
  • deal with the end of your relationship where you are unmarried or not in a civil partnership visit our Relationship Breakdown page
  • deal with any children issues, visit our Children page
  • reach your own decisions outside of formal Court proceedings, visit our Family Mediation page


There’s no substitute for hard-earned experience.

Here’s just a few examples of how our asset protection family lawyers have helped clients.

We can help you:

  • understand your options
  • advise on the important legal considerations and principles that will affect the terms and weight of your agreement
  • assist with your financial disclosure
  • communicate and negotiate, as appropriate, with your partner or spouse’s and/or their lawyer during the process
  • identify tax issues which may require tax planning advice from one of our in-house tax specialists
  • draft and review the relevant agreement

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"I am really grateful that I met you two, my dream team as I always refer you to. I am sure many of your clients would feel the same way about you, your attention to detail, professionalism, sympathetic towards your clients. I would strongly recommend you, Lindsay, to other people."

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"I am sure many of your clients would feel the same way about you, your attention to detail, professionalism, sympathy towards clients ... I would strongly recommend you to other people."

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