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Commercial Mediation Services

Our leading commercial and business dispute mediation solicitors in Bournemouth, Dorset, firmly believe that Court proceedings should always be a last resort.

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Helping you with commercial mediation

Increasingly businesses are taking advantage of the power of mediation. Commercial mediation is typically a quicker, cheaper and a confidential way of resolving disputes which avoids the high cost and uncertainty of court proceedings.

What is commercial mediation?

Commercial mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and is a confidential voluntary process which is overseen and directed by a neutral trained and accredited mediator. The role of the mediator is to assist people and/or organisations to reach an agreement to settle and the terms of this agreement. It is not the role of the mediator to influence any part of the process.

Our commercial mediation services

Commercial mediation is an effective and increasingly popular choice for businesses and business owners involved in a dispute but who wish to avoid litigation. In comparison to commercial litigation, commercial mediation offers many benefits, not least in terms of cost, time and risk.

Seeking the help of our trained and ADR Group/CEDR accredited commercial mediators is a positive step towards solving your commercial dispute in a controlled and confidential manner. Steele Raymond’s commercial mediation services are designed to help you and the other parties involved to reach an agreement through constructive discourse and negotiation.

Steele Raymond’s commercial mediators act for our clients on a multitude of commercial dispute matters, including:

  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Financial or material loss claims
  • Contractor or sub-contractor disputes
  • Distribution and supply agreements
  • Franchise agreement disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Commercial property and litigation disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Whether you find yourself defending or bringing a business dispute to commercial mediation, we can help you to prepare prior to mediation and to negotiate throughout.

Why choose our accredited commercial mediators?

Whether you have a small claim or a complex dispute valued in the millions, our mediation team can offer you a confidential, ‘without prejudice’ procedure, so that you can preserve ongoing business relationships and find a common way forward.

Our responsive and solutions-focused mediation lawyers can help you:

  • bring key decision-makers together
  • find common ground and a solution that works for you and the other parties
  • discuss the dispute on a ‘without prejudice’ basis (i.e. what is discussed can’t be used in any court case)
  • ensure the confidentiality of the procedure
  • ensure that your business relationships are maintained
  • help you find a solution to a dispute, without being constrained by court rules
  • draft and agree a binding settlement agreement at the end of the procedure

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